Our Services


Prepress Services:
Each printing task begins with digital prepress services. At Typopress, we make sure that your documents are quality checked and ready for print. Our proofs are confirmed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that what you see precisely stands for the ending printed product. Throughout the prepress production, there are quite a lot of methods to save time, adjoin convenience and improve the quality of your project. At Typopress, we provide both CTF and CTP solutions, as well as proofing technology - Sherpa Color proofing.

Printing Site:
Once the prepress stage is accomplished, your project shifts to one of our printing sites. In these sites, high-tech press equipment works day and night to meet your requirements, and expectations.

We have a broad diversity of press equipment obtainable to best serve every sole project; moreover, all the below mentioned machines are equipped with online Inking technology CIP 3 technology

102 SM Heidelberg ZP
102 SM Heidelberg ZP
102 SM Heidelberg 4 color CP 2000
102 SM Heidelberg 4P - CP 2000  
102 CD Heidelberg 4colour CP 2000
52 SM Heidelberg 5 colour CP2000
102 SM Heidelberg 8 colour CP2000
102 SM Heidelberg 8 colour CP2000



Post Press

Our internal print finishing division puts the last touches on your project previous to its delivery. Finishing steps comprise the whole thing from die-cutting to stitching to collating. These additional features can make a piece noticeable to reach your consumer and attract more clientele into your business.
Typopress post printing equipments includes the following: 

4 Stahl Folders
Two Miller Martini Stitching Machines
1Miller Martini perfect binder + side stitching + 18 gathering station
1 Aster Sewn thread machine
2 Punch and Drill machines
Die-Cutting Machine
Lamination Machine
Hot Stamping



Our well-organized prepress and printing procedures over and over again carry your last printed piece well earlier than your targeted due date. This is why we provide safe and widespread storage space within our facility as part of our quality printing accomplishment services.

Our 1000 SQM warehouse can accommodate any printed stock for the best service of our clients.

Our Work

  • We, at Typo Press, take pride in our work; our deliverables reach their destination in the highest quality possible for the best price in the market and most importantly at time! All our efforts are achieved thanks to a dedicated staff of professionals and high-tech machinery.